FAQ :  Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order arrive?

Off-the-rack suits,shirts,ties and other stock items genneraly ship between 1-4 business days after the order is placed.

Made to measure shirts on average take 2 weeks.

Made to measure suiting on average take 3-4 weeks.

Can i return my items and with which terms?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, can be returned within 2 weeks after delivery.

Can i track my order and how?

Yes .When your order is dispatched you will get an email with the tracking number and which post.

Which places do you ship?

We currently ship through all Greece(but we are looking to expand to all europe aswell).

How i can pay for my order?

We currently accept visa and mastercard.

In addition we also accept paypal as an alternative payment.

Is the double breasted jacket shorter than a classic jacket?

Yes, because of the right angle at the bottom of the jacket.

Can i send you a picture of my favourite cloth so you can understand the style i prefer?

Yes, it will help us a lot 

Is it available for another position for the shirt monogram?

Yes,you can send us your preference and we will inform you.

Can i place and order with a fabric that you dont have in the shop?

Yes,you can send us your preference and we will inform you.